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Smart Digital Entrance Lock

Digital Door Lock Hong Kong and Smart Door Lock Hong Kong

Glory Top is is one of the leading digital door lock providers which sources the global smart door locks globally. We provide high-quality smart door locks for the construction, renovation and interior design industry in Hong Kong. Electronic door lock is a smart home product with high security and intelligent functions. Nowadays, more and more people begin to pay attention to the issue of personal safety, so society has launched many smart home products. A smart door lock goes beyond the basic functionality of a digital door lock, by integrating with other smart home devices and systems to provide a more seamless and integrated experience.

Digital door locks Hong Kong are suitable for both residential and commercial properties in Hong Kong. In fact, many commercial property owners choose digital door locks for their advanced security features, access control capabilities, and ease of use. When selecting a digital door lock for a commercial property in Hong Kong, consider the lock's durability, security features, and compatibility with existing access control systems.

Electronic door locks are widely used among Hong Kong properties. Why is the use of electronic door locks so popular? Why do many people give up traditional keys and choose electronic door locks? There must be an irreplaceable advantage for everyone who wants to improve their quality of life using smart door locks. Let's explore the advantages of electronic door locks together!

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Advantages of Smart Door Lock Hong Kong

Let's take a look at how electronic door locks work. A digital door lock typically uses a numeric keypad or a touchscreen interface to allow users to enter a code or PIN to unlock the door. Some digital door locks also include features such as biometric authentication (such as fingerprint scanning, face detection) or remote control via a smartphone app. Other smart door locks use technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave to communicate with smartphones or other smart home systems to unlock and lock doors. Some smart door locks can be controlled using passwords, fingerprint recognition, and remote control.

Safety Performance of Smart Door Lock Hong Kong

Security is one of the core functions of smart door locks. Smart door locks support a variety of unlocking methods, including fingerprints, face recognition, passwords, IC cards, emergency keys, etc. These unlocking methods can be adapted to different environments and scenarios. In addition, the current smart door lock fingerprint recognition technology is very advanced. It can quickly identify the user's fingerprint, and some can even support up to 100 sets of fingerprint storage. Even if there are multiple members in the family, the product can be easily used. The unique unlocking method ensures the safety of your home. Although the encrypted unlocking method can guarantee security, the hardware of the smart door lock cannot be ignored. Traditional locks are easy to be pried open or damage, while smart door locks can be selected with multiple security guarantees such as anti-prying, anti-clamp, and anti-hammer. Effectively prevent external damage, thus greatly improving safety.

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Intelligent Features of Digital Door Lock Hong Kong

In addition to the basic unlocking function, today's smart locks can also have a variety of intelligent features. Developers are becoming more and more considerate, catering to people's individual needs, such as door opening reminders, voice control, APP remote control, etc. Actually the door opening reminder function is very practical. When someone passes the smart door lock, the product will automatically send a message to remind the user, so that the user can keep abreast of the situation at home. In addition, the smart lock also supports voice control, and the door lock can be easily opened only through voice commands. Users can choose different unlocking methods according to their own needs, which is very convenient to use.

A Convenient User Experience of Digital Door Lock Hong Kong

You will find it really convenient to use the electronic lock. First of all, the unlocking speed is very fast, and the speed of fingerprint and face recognition is between 1-2 seconds. Imagine the irritating situation of opening the door after getting off work every day and not being able to find the key. There is no way this will happen again. Users can set different unlocking methods according to their own needs, and can also control it through the application program, which is very user-friendly.


A digital door lock is an excellent smart home product that improves your life. It has a high degree of security and intelligent functions, and it is also very convenient to use. If you are a person who pursues convenience in life, then you should give a try to the smart door lock that you will never regret.

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Tips for Installing Digital Door Lock Hong Kong

There are different types of digital door locks available such as keypad locks, fingerprint locks, and smart locks. You should choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Measure the size and check the thickness of your door before purchasing a digital door lock and make sure it is compatible with your door and door frame. Most smart door locks are designed to be easy to install, and many can be retrofitted onto existing doors without the need for any major modifications.


Consult a renovation worker or follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you install the smart door lock. Remember to test the features and ensure it is working properly once the smart door lock is installed.


To ensure the digital door lock continues to function correctly, provide regular maintenance. This can include cleaning the lock, replacing batteries, and testing the lock's features. It's important to have a backup option in case the digital lock malfunctions or the batteries run out. Consider having a traditional key or a manual override option to ensure you can always access the door in an emergency.

Many digital door locks can be integrated with smart home systems, allowing you to control and monitor your lock remotely through a smartphone or tablet. Some digital door locks also support voice commands via popular virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri. Check the smart door lock's specifications to ensure compatibility with your smart home system.

The best smart door lock should be able to connect directly to WiFi without the need for adapters and hubs, making setup easier and you don’t have to bring a physical key anymore after installation. You can also have remote control over your digital door lock. Imagine that you are at work and your mom is planning to go to your home to take care of your kids, you can remote control the digital door lock and allow access of your home to your mom. You can also enable the alarm to let you know if the door is left open after a certain period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Door Lock and Smart Door Lock Hong Kong

1.Although the electronic lock is locked in an encrypted form, will the digital door lock easily be hacked?

There may be security issues in smart door locks, but they can be avoided as long as users take adequate security measures. Just like your laptop’s anti-virus software, users need to update the software regularly. In addition, if you use a combination lock at home, you should also change the passwords regularly.


2.Do digital door locks require electricity? Will it be unusable due to a drained battery?

Digital door locks are electronic products and require electricity. The only difference is whether the digital door lock is powered internally, such as a battery, or externally, such as a solar panel. Generally, electronic locks are replaceable or rechargeable. It is recommended that users keep an eye on the battery level for charging.


3.Do smart door locks need professional installation?

Check out the types of smart door locks, some can be installed by yourself, while more complex ones require professional installation, such as security locks with a higher degree of encryption and so on. Moreover, it is generally not recommended to install the digital door lock by yourself. It is always a fine electronic component. If you are not familiar with the installation process, it is recommended to hire a professional installer to install it to ensure that the digital door lock is installed correctly and safely.


4.What should I do if the digital door lock suddenly fails to work?

The most common cause of the malfunction of the electronic lock is insufficient power. Therefore, the first thing is to check whether the battery is working normally. If it still does not work, contact the manufacturer for further support and repair.


5.How much does a smart door lock cost?

It depends on the user's requirements of smart door lock, and the specific reasons for the price difference are: function, brand and installation method.


6.What brands are available for the digital door lock?

We offer Artisense, Milre, Samsung, etc for the digital door lock. You can contact our customer service team to see if you want other brands.

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